Gia Food Ltd was incorporated in the year 2001. From the beginning, our main purpose has been to manufacture and distribute the best quality of rice. We have a wide range of services, allowing us to customize representation of our client’s products in the marketplace
We have launched several international food brands which retail in the mainstream markets of Asia,Pacific, North America. We have distribution centres and warehouses in Vancouver, Toronto, California. We export to other countries like China and India.
Our focus is to become a leader in customer satisfaction with premium quality products and specialize in serving all major retail chains, private label, food service nationwide.


Gia Naturals is manufactured by the Gia Foods Ltd. The group has grown from its long established success with rice and lentils. We export and supply finest quality all kinds of rice all around the world. We are involved in offering a quality range of rice ranging from Basmati to Jasmine

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India's Own has its origin in the foothills Himalayas where it is water by snowfed rivers and hand tended by dedicated farmers. India's Own has two kinds of rice,Premium Brown Basmati Rice and Premium White Basmati Rice. 

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The 'Taste of India Brand' is manufactured by the Foods Pacific Group of Companies. The group has grown from its long established success with corned meat processing and canning, which is the backbone of the company. We deliver the very best authentic India food products exclusively for international export markets.

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Gia Foods Ltd

Burnaby, BC
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